The Life of the Party | 360 Short Film


You are the Detective at this party penetrated by paranoia! Look for clues, evaluate the suspects, and uncover the killer before the party dies!

With our first VR Short film we wanted to utilize the power of 360 video to let the viewer become the center of a 1920’s murder mystery! This project presented an opportunity to test the possibilities of this growing technology to create an immersive experience rife with surprises and intrigue! Eccentric performances, period accurate costume design, and careful planning all came together to create a Virtual Reality short that earned us entry into the Google VR program.


Rachel Lang

David Johns

Leah Martin

Eugenia Gonzales

Rachel Sonvico

John Roberts

and Chris Korkalo

Written by Chandler Perry and Rachel Sonvico

Directed by Chandler Perry

Director of photography David Bittner

Audio Engineer Joey Cathey

Assistant Director Andrew Harrison

Music by Paul Casper

Hair, Makeup, and Costumes by Jan Franklin

Production Assistant Alexandra Gaston

Special Thanks to Escape2Win and Jpixx