The Investigation of the Irregularly Illuminating Illustrations | Short film

Writer | Director | Cinematographer | Editor

Two detectives chase down a peculiar criminal in a town that’s lost it’s appreciation for art.

Created for the 2016 Filmily Fest, our team had 2 weeks to interpret a series of images provided as inspiration for an original story. At the premiere screening, we were awarded multiple accolades including Audience Award, Best Writing, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Editing, and Best Film.


Jake Brinn as Detective Stanley

Nick Ventura as Lieutenant Felix

Rachael Lang as The Painter

Shawn Drew as Homeowner

Jessa Gaul as Crime Scene Photographer

Directed by Chandler Perry

Written by Chandler Perry & James Shearer

Produced by James Shearer

Sound Engineers Andrew Harrison & Meredith Powers

Editing by Meredith Powers

Makeup by Jessa Gaul

Special Thanks to Jpixx, Jon Abrahams, Teviya Abrahams, Tricia Cathey, Jessa Gaul, Candice Barnes, Adara Brown, Justin Herrera, Zack Soriano, ODU Goode Theater, Escape 2 Win, and BrainCo Productions.