She Knows | Short Film


In an alternate reality of the 1980’s, Sam and Jessie attend an after-school fight club for the telepathically gifted.

Filmed in New York City and Virginia, this alternate reality sci-fi action drama was developed over 4 months as we scouted suitable locations and gathered our multi-talented cast and crew. The young age requirement meant working with many first-time actors and we put them through the ringer choreographing the rigorous fight scene center-pieces for the film. “She Knows” has been awarded nominations and accolades at numerous festivals from NY to LA.

Vera Yatsula
Jake Swing
Joseph Moughan
Malik Smith
Joey Cathey
Prince Cairo
La’Shay Lucas
Lydia Sturch
Isaiah Sturch
Holly Cathey
John Hodges
Wes Swing
Katy Sturch
Marshall Smith
William Godwin
Abigail Godwin

Written and Directed by
Chandler Perry

Assistant Directed by
Andrew Harrison

Sound Engineer by
Ryan Solar

Special FX by
Ryan Fletcher
Zack Linderman

Makeup by
Jan Franklin

Fight Choreographer
Dan Nyberg

Location Managers
Theresa Perry
Sabrina Pardus

Executive Producers
Greg Sherwood
Alli Sherwood
Jennifer Godwin
William Godwin
Joseph Moughan
Jon Abrahams

Special Thanks
Jessa Gaul
Jon Abrahams
Nate Liebold
Patrick Johnson
Vylett Media
and Christchurch School

Music by

“Beautiful” by Viigo

“Lazerhawk Theme”
“So Far Away”
“Space is the Place”
and “Visitors”
by Lazerhawk

“Hand in Hand”
by Makeup and Vanity Set

Various tracks by
Erik Rodriguez

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