Justice | Short Film


A guilt-stricken drug addict hitchhikes with the last people he’d ever want to share a ride with.

Working with our biggest creative team to date, “Justice” challenged us to juxtapose wacky comedy with poignant drama without each element spoiling the other. The result won us a spot in the “Best of” screening for the 2017 Hampton Roads 48hr film project and an award for “Best Cinematography” at the Richmond Short Film Showcase.

David Johns
Chris Korkalo
and Hayley Daniels

Directed by Chandler Perry
Written by Hope Wager and Chandler Perry
Assistant Director Andrew Harrison
Produced by Will Clarke
Director of Photography Sergio Lorenzana
Set Designer Vera Yatsula 
Makeup Artist Shana Nichole
Sound Engineer Hope Wager
Production Assistant Shanika Metta 
Location Manager Jade Mattacchione

Special Thanks
Jessa Gaul
Karla Espino

Prop: Tablet
Line of Dialogue: “You’re not gonna be happy”
Character: Inspector Adam Detreux
Genre: Fish Out of Water

Created for the Hampton Roads 48hr film Project